Our Product Range

Industrial chemicals

Offering various chemicals for industrial use.

Industrial chemicals are used in various fields such as manufacturing to Industrial disposal or environmental cleanup.

We introduce and offer suitable products from a large selection of numerous manufacturers.

Main industrial chemicals
  • Ammonia
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Chlor-Alkali Products
  • New metals, Fine ceramics
  • High-pressure gas
  • Petrochemical basic product
  • Aromatic system organic chemical
  • Organic halogen compound
  • Organic silicon compound
  • Plastic resins
  • Plastic additives
  • Synthetic rubbers
  • Rubber processing organic chemicals, Carbon black
  • Chemosynthesis fibers
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Inorganic pigments, Organic pigments
  • Fat and oil, Fat and oil solution, Surfactant
  • Purification accelerator
  • Activated carbons
  • Polymer coagulant
  • Filter aid
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